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2 Day Live Leadership Boot Camp that will give you the training and tools to become a respected, admired, and successful leader!

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2 Day Live Virtual Boot Camp

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This 2 day Leadership Boot Camp will help you unlock your unique leadership style. Understanding your unique leadership style will:

  • help you develop rewarding relationships easier and faster, 
  • increase your confidence and competence while interacting with others, 
  • will help you become more influential. 

Your unique leadership style will be unlocked through transformational activities by our leadership instructors. They will help you get to the breakthrough you need, to understand which leadership style is best suited for you to reach new heights in your personal and professional life. 

Roughly 4 years ago we started writing leadership case studies to help our consulting clients boost their influence & productivity. Our clients loved them.

Since then, our leadership case studies have been passed around and read by over 5,000 people. Which is still pretty crazy to us, considering the case studies were only meant to be a nice little bonus for our clients’ loyalty.

We now want to spread the work we put into our leadership case studies by offering a live 2 day leadership boot camp for all professionals that want to become more productive, influential, and respected.

This 2 day live online leadership bootcamp is everything you need to know about the best leadership styles that will help you become a highly trusted and successful leader. This boot camp is all action, has valuable strategies, and zero fluff.

Also, this boot camp is going to be live, so you can directly ask us about your challenges or opportunities you need help with. And yes! We’ll give you tips, techniques, and tools to overcome your challenges and grab your opportunities right on the spot.

Before we get into it lets talk a little more about what you’ll learn

What You'll Learn

Over our 15 years working as management consultants we’ve identified 6 KEY Leadership Styles.

1) The Data Driven Leader

2) The Tony Robbins Leader

3) The Charismatic Leader

4) The Agile Leader

5) The Servant Leader

6) The Team Coach

Let’s go into the details.


How to identify what's your preferred leadership style

First, we'll go into each of these types of leadership styles and discuss what they mean and examples of how they are used in everyday business. All the scenarios and situations that each of these styles thrive.

Then, we're going to work with you personally in helping you identify which your preferred leadership style is, which style can you improve on, and what techniques you can use to become influential with your preferred leadership style.


How to identify the right time to use each of these leadership styles

You can start with learning and using 1 leadership style, but you'll unlock a powerful version of yourself if you learn how to apply all the leadership styles in different situations.

We're going to give you guides to show you all the different types of scenarios and situations where a certain leadership style will work the best. You'll be able to pick and apply a leadership style to any situation you face.


How to use the tools and techniques of each leadership style

We're going to teach you in depth all the tools and techniques that make each leadership style a success. This includes, data collection, organization & productivity, goal setting, storytelling, change management, performance management, team dynamics / team building, and more!

And guess what? We have downloadable tools. That means excel documents and word documents that help you implement the tools to actual projects or situations. No need to recreate the wheel, just use the one we already made for you.


Questions & Answers, Opportunities & Challenges, Certificates & Community

We'll have a whole section dedicated to any real world challenges you may have. We'll respond to all your questions with the help of our experienced panel of Leadership Experts. They'll provide real world solutions, not just theoretical examples.

Then, we'll give you certificates and access to our community of ambitious and successful leadership professionals!

What You'll Get

3 Quick Things:

1) It’s going to be short

Only 2 days and 3 hours each day.

We have a lot of valuable content to share, but the reason we can keep it short is because we are adamant about not adding any fluff.

We want to give you as much possible in as little time as possible. New diagrams, examples, and templates every 60 seconds.

2) It’s going to be simple

No unnecessary complexity.

Each phase is hundreds of hours of research, experimentation, working with hundreds of clients, speaking to other experts in the field, pulling up the sleeves and working the tools ourselves, re-working the tools to make them better…

Condensed into a simple step-by-step approach to becoming an influential and respected leader.

3) It’s going to be practical

This isn’t a college degree. Everything is practical. We’re going to talk about it. Then we’re actually going to do it.

We’ll work on leadership projects, case studies, and our client challenges.

The exact process we use to help our clients with their leadership issues. That’s what you learn.

1 last thing:

There are self help courses we have taken in the past that we still reference today. Constantly.

It’s helped us become better leaders, better project managers, and better team players.

That is also the experience we want to give you. How do we do that with a live online training session?

We record it, and give you the video.

We want you to be replaying the recorded training session for the next 5 years. We want it to help you perform at your full potential, help you get promoted, and help you join the C-suite.

We want it to help you grow your own business. We want you to buy it for your managers, potential managers, star players, and others in a leadership position.

Above all that, we want it to help you become a successful and inspiring leader. Because, done right, it’ll not only lead to the betterment of your life, but also those around you as well.

Upcoming Dates

2 Day Live Virtual Boot Camp


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