All Action. Zero Fluff. Full Bellies.

Lunch & Learns

Our expert trainers will teach current & future managers valuable strategies to become highly trusted & successful leaders while they enjoy a nice meal.

Our Lunch & Learns are fully customized to your company goals. The projects we choose are applied to directly to your company processes.

Empower Your Managers With Actionable Skills

Our Lunch & Learns will help your team unlock their unique leadership style. Understanding your unique leadership style will:

  • help you develop rewarding relationships easier and faster, 
  • increase your confidence and competence while interacting with others, 
  • will help you become more influential. 

Your team member’s unique leadership styles will be unlocked through transformational activities by our instructors. They will help your team get to the breakthroughs they need to become more empowered and productive leaders.

Our Lunch & Learns will help your team become highly trusted and successful leaders.

Also, these Lunch & Learns are going to be live, so your team can directly ask us about their challenges or opportunities they need help with. And yes! We’ll give them tips, techniques, and tools to overcome company challenges and grab opportunities right on the spot.

Before we get into it lets talk a little more about what your team will learn:

What You'll Get

Your team will take part in an empowering lunch & learn, where they will achieve breakthroughs.

1) Lunch & Learn course topics are listed below. You can also suggest other topics to learn that are not listed!

2) Course content will be fully customized to your company processes and goals.

3) Your team will work on a real company project.

4) Your team will create an executive summary of improvements made.

Let’s go into the details.


Our goal is to deliver the most relevant lunch & learn to your team.

First, we'll conduct an INDOC session with top management to understand your company's biggest challenges & goals. This is a crucial step for us to customize our lunch & learn to include the most relevant topics and tools.

The data we collect from the INDOC session will allow us to create the key results you're looking for from this lunch & learn. All of the content will be geared towards achieving those key results.


Theoretical concepts don't help anyone. We focus on real company projects.

Our coaches will help your team determine an improvement project for your company.

We will walk your team through the entire process to help them apply the tools they learn. Your team will use those tools right away to solve real company challenges.


Your team will learn how to present the improvement project to top management.

We're going to teach your team how to use the Key Skills Academy executive summary template to present their projects.

We will work with your team to help them share their improvements with the CEO and top management.


Questions & Answers, Opportunities & Challenges, Certificates & Community

We'll have a whole month dedicated to any real world challenges your team may have. We'll respond to all your questions with the help of an experienced panel of Leadership Experts. They'll provide real world solutions, not just theoretical examples.

Then, we'll give your team certificates and access to our community of ambitious and successful management professionals!

What's the Lunch & Learn like?

3 Quick Things:

1) It’s going to be short

Lunch & Learns will be 2 hours only, and will take place during lunch time.

We have a lot of valuable content to share, but the reason we can keep it short is because we are adamant about not adding any fluff.

We want to give you as much possible in as little time as possible. New diagrams, examples, and templates every 60 seconds.

2) It’s going to be simple

No unnecessary complexity.

Each course topic is hundreds of hours of research, experimentation, working with hundreds of clients, speaking to other experts in the field, pulling up the sleeves and working the tools ourselves, re-working the tools to make them better…

Condensed into a simple 2 hour session with a step-by-step approach.

There will be only 1 course topic per Lunch & Learn Session.

You have the luxury of choosing the number of Lunch & Learn sessions you want and the accompanying course topics you want covered.

3) It’s going to be practical

This isn’t a college degree. Everything is practical. We’re going to talk about it. Then we’re actually going to do it.

We’ll work on projects, case studies, and our client challenges based on the Lunch & Learn topic selected.

The exact process we use to help our clients with their issues. That’s what you learn.

1 last thing:

The most important thing that will make these Lunch & Learns a super success is LUNCH.

We’ll bring in some snacks, but we ask the company hosting to provide a delicious lunch.

It’s widely known that a full belly makes for better learning.

A meal is a great way to motivate your team to learn new skills and level up their productivity.

Some Of The Topics You Can Choose From:

Great leaders find innovative ways to unite & engage employees, creating a workforce that’s performing at the highest level. This course will help your emerging or existing leaders the skills & principles to lead organizational change. 

Accordion Content
Accordion Content
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Accordion Content
Accordion Content
Accordion Content

Managers ensure that organizations become more successful by maintaining control, making sure all the pieces fit together properly. This course will teach your managers the specific professional skills they need to help their teams exceed objectives.

Accordion Content
Accordion Content
Accordion Content
Accordion Content
Accordion Content
Accordion Content
Accordion Content

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