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Testing A V.P. of Sales & Marketing friend of mine once told me ” you must always leave a first impression”. No impression is no good. Good impression is better. This got me thinking about how successful leaders communicate. In this article, we will look at the three relevant styles of communication and how they can help you become a successful leader and, succeed in your career as well as your personal life. 

Electronic Communication

In keeping with the times, effective electronic communication is crucial. The folks who have majored in English literature have it easy! They know how to express ideas. Concisely. Short Sentences. One thought in one sentence. 

Their e-mails are:
  • to the point,
  • cleverly drafted and
  • their syntax is admirable.
In business technical writing, bullet points are very effective in engaging the cold reader. You have limited time to make that first impression. Do not lose your reader’s attention by spilling out your emotions in an oversized paragraph.

Verbal Communication

“Gift of Gab” is the birth right for those of us who are blessed with vocal cords. As they say, words alone sometimes do not do justice. Not unless they are interlaced with emotions or visual aids.
Always make sure what comes out of your mouth is positive. Often you would be tempted to say whatever comes in your mind. Lot of us have been told to “say it like it is” However, do not fall for it. “saying like it is” need not be ugly. After all your words are vibrations that you create which result in some correlative manifestation or a reaction from the listener. Based on the law of attraction, positive attracts positive. We all would agree that positivity translates to happiness. Isn’t our purpose to be happy? Right?

Non-Verbal Communication

How do leadership and management differ?

Unwarily, we practice nonverbal communication every single day and that too, very frequently. As an example, when we talk; our body language; our expressions; passions and emotions all speak up and get our point across very silently. It is all part of the human experience.  

We often do not pay attention to this invaluable gift that we possess. Imagine, if we learn to hone and master this skill through daily meditation and by converting our unused so called “junk DNA ” in our brain to active DNA, humans may be able to engage in “the Vulcan mind meld” as enacted in the famous Television series of 80’s Star Trek and learn to speak and express telepathically like “Spock”. When that happens, words and language would then seem very inefficient and primitive. Right?

In Conclusion

We definitely learn one thing from all of the above. Communication is the key to success. Then whether it is communicative and verbal proficiency of influencers such as Tony Robins, Deepak Chopra, and Oprah Winfrey; Electronic communication styles of business influencers such as Zuckerberg, Bezos or Bill Gates, non verbal expressiveness of Philanthropist role models such as Mother Teresa’s and Action based non verbal communication of political leaders such as Gandhi. Behind all the successful leaders, the common theme is COMMUNICATION

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